For Webmasters
Non-reciprocal Link Exchange, free, quick and safe.
Attractive additional income, with full control.
You can offer to sell or exchange links placed not only on the homepage but also on subpages.
Automatic value calculation of the links, depending on the PageRank of the page, category, language, and link popularity.
Simple code integration as a "copy and paste" for php, cfm, asp, cgi.
We charge only 12.5% of all participants in the transaction.
Our system is safe and trustworthy. No public user lists: All transactions are discrete.
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SEO for Advertiser
Improve your website ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and more with SEO.
You will get text links with a high quality according to your specifications.
You will get content-relevant traffic from high quality websites.
You have full control over the booked text links.
Favourable prices: for 10,00 $ you will receive hundreds of high quality static links. With money back guaranty.
You can use thousands of ads (up to 350 characters).
SEO-specialist will receive an individual discount.

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